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Permanent Side-Seat Center Console GAP Filler

[Category : - MECHANICAL ENGINEERING- Automotive Accessories - DESIGN PATENTS]
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Have you ever had an experience when items like: (Cell Phones, Lip Stick, Straws, and other personal items) fell down that annoying GAP that exist between the Center Console and the car seat, making it difficult and dangerous to retrieve your items while driving?

I've developed a very simple solution (US 62/561,728 Patent Pending) to permanently fill in that GAP that exist between the Center Console and your Driver & Passenger Seat.

The product will be ("Pre-Attached" or "Pre-Installed" during vehicle manufacturing) to the "Armrest Center Console-on both sides" THAT "Will Not Move-in motion".
(Please contact me for more detail information and with sample pictures)

The product can be coated with the "same color and material" of the vehicle seats. Having this product installed in your vehicle will be the end of never loosing your items between the seats, which may also help prevent accidents!

Financial information

I am seeking an Investor to help bring my product to the market, or a Buyer to purchase my product outright.

Please contact me for more detail information...

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