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Why not a plug? "plug n play" for any light fixture!

[Category : - OTHER- Construction Processes & Equipment- ELECTRICITY & LIGHTING]
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A mountable electrical socket apparatus comprises a socket assembly mounted in a base housing. The socket assembly, defined as a rectangular body having an electrical socket on a first side, an input wiring insert on second side, and an output wiring insert on a third side, is mounted in the base housing with a pair of mounting brackets. The base housing is circular basin which is configured to receive up to two discrete sets of electrical wires to be connected to the socket assembly. An input wire, from the electrical system of the building in which the mountable electrical socket apparatus is disposed or from another mountable electrical socket apparatus provides electrical power to the socket assembly generally and to the electrical socket. An output wire may be utilized to transmit electrical power which has been provided to one mountable electrical socket apparatus to another.

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