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[Category : - CHEMISTRY- HEALTH]
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The patented invention concerns compounds and methods of labeling peptides or other molecules with 18F or any other suitable radionuclide of use, for example, in PET or SPECT in vivo imaging. A targeting molecule such as a protein, peptide or an antibody, is linked to a substituted metallocene complex which is reacted with the 18F. Exemplary targeting molecules include, but are not limited to, an antibody, antigen-binding antibody fragment, bispecific antibody, affibody, diabody, minibody, ScFvs, aptamer, avimer, targeting peptide, somatostatin, bombesin, octreotide, RGD peptide, folate, folate analog or any other molecule known to bind to a disease-associated target. Labeling may occur in a saline medium suitable for direct use in vivo. The labeled molecules are stable under physiological conditions, although for certain purposes, such as kit formulations, a stabilizing agent such as ascorbic acid, trehalose, sorbitol or mannitol may be added.

Financial information

a) outright sale;
b) a license with royalties or another form of partnership.
The market potential is the molecular imaging PET-SPECT techniques.

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