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Patent pending hookah carrying basket

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I have designed very classy unique and simply stylish of hookah carrying basket . And I file it in many countries ( USA, china , UAE , ....)
Few months ago and my patent still in pending status.
However it's not just another hookah basket, it's designed also for carrying the hookah and hookah supplies (hookah tobacco,charcoal,foil,charcoal lighter) all in unique carrying basket.
Normally when hookah users want to use there hookah anywhere ( in home, garden, beach, or while camping) they carry there own hookah and hookah supplies in different materials bags or in some kind of hookah case , so i decided to invent new and easy portable carrying basket to carry the hookah and it supplies instead of the old way of carrying.
Simply my design gives hookah users an easier way to:
-carrying hookah and it supplies to go
-stability while carrying and storage
My hookah carrying basket designed in two different shapes
1-rounded hookah vase carrying basket
2-squared hookah vase carrying basket
So who ever buy my patent design or get my approval to manufacture it to market, it will become bestseller all over the world
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Am looking for on outright sale or a license with royalty

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