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ChipTrainer: "As Seen On TV" - See Financial Information

[Category : - Golf- Toys and games- Advertising methods]
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Update 5/14/18 - See Financial Information

A golf practice apparatus comprises a chipping mat and a target assembly. The chipping mat comprises a surface from which a user strikes golf balls. The target assembly comprises a frame and a target mat. The frame is further comprised of a lightweight, collapsible framework for supporting a target mat further comprising various markings indicated targets for a user. In a preferred embodiment, the frame is comprised of pipe segments, connecting joints, and a plurality of common fasteners. The target mat is suspended from the frame and attaches via corresponding common fasteners. The target assembly is disposed of various segments to allow a user to simulate short game aspects of golf by choosing a target based upon the desired angle and velocity that the user desires to emulate.

Financial information

Update 5/14/18: "Why didn't I think of this"

Meeting went well and I'm meeting executive producer 5/18

“As Seen On TV” by Kevin Harrington has taken interest in ChipTrainer. On May 14 we will discuss production of an infomercial for the Christmas season. The offer includes 300 60 second airings, the content is owned by ChipTrainer for addition use, and Kevin’s reputation for turning ideas into multi million dollar products speaks for itself. Production costs for the program is $26,000, and I’m looking to raise $40,000 to execute this go-to-market, and start production on a second Golf patent I received earlier this year. It’s possible both products will be featured because they are somewhat related. Please send an email or call for more information.
The market is ubiquitous with respect to golfers (every golfer struggles with their short-game), the routes to market are numerous, and physical feedback with the system is instantaneous. Think about it.... home-based fitness is a multi-billion dollar industry, and us "golfers" have nothing promoting wellness around the green - until ChipTrainer.

Research shows there are roughly 27 million golfers in the U.S (60 Million Worldwide) and 25 million of those can't break 90. PGA Tour Pros only hit 12 of 18 greens, and high handicap players are less than 3 a round. Short-game shots from just off the green cause stress and higher scores, and ChipTrainer lets golfers work on technique and feel without having to be on a course.

There are roughly 13 routes to market, ranging from on-line, infomercials, to big box retail, but one space I feel is uniquely suited and lucrative is the ASI space. The stance and target mat are ideal for brand placement, and with the right materials our costs are reasonable. Aside from sponsors of PGA, LPGA and tours (Exxon spends 8 Million a year to have their logo on a Pro V1) there are over 800,000 corporate and charity tournaments yearly in the U.S.. With the right visibility, ChipTrainer is a great option.

Lastly, ChipTrainer in combination with on-line or streaming instruction is a lesson/product revenue game changer. Have you ever watched a telecast when Faldo suggests using a 9 iron instead of a 60 degree wedge? Or the Golf Channel when Martin Hall shows how to hit a bump and run - while on a resort in Florida. 90% of shots from just off the green can be simulated at home with ChipTrainer, and technique and feel transfer to other shots around the green. The keys on the stance mat make remote/video communication easy, the device is portable requiring very little space, and again, can all be performed in the comfort of your home or office.

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