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This patent protects a ship which is designed to generate a substantive supply of electrical power on-board same. The generation process utilizes liquid fuel, for which renewable plant oils are especially suited. The electrical power produced may either be consumed by the ship for propulsion thereof, or where ship is docked along a coastline, distributed to consumers on land. Hence, the patented ship is literally a mobile power plant, for which construction and operation are relatively economical.
Developers of the patented ship can see large returns on their investment in as little as seven years. They have different avenues available to them in order to accomplish the ROI. One avenue is sale of the vessel to a major cargo company. Since the vessel can cut shipping rates by more than 25% through superior efficiency, companies can boost export activity thereby establishing demand for the patented marine vessel. Suppliers of liquefied natural gas, oxygen, and other agents, as well as frozen meat distributors, can enjoy particularly large savings from reduced expense involved in transporting their goods at sea. They hence would most likely conduct commerce with those cargo companies having a fleet equipped with the patented vessel.
Another avenue to accomplish the desired ROI is through supply of electrical power to a coastal grid system. The ship can land aside Mexican resort areas, or wherever energy demand exists, and then generate power on-board for direct distribution to the consumers on land. Since dense populations consume more energy, and the ship can utilize renewable sources including Canola, Maize, and Soybean oil, such activity is invariably lucrative.

Financial information

This Canadian patent is presently available for either sale or exclusive licensing. With respect to sale, the amount is subject to negotiation.
An exclusive Licensing Agreement is available also. This agreement must involve a licensing fee paid in annual installments for an agreed upon time period, in addition to sales revenue royalties. The exact fee amount, payment period, and royalty percentage may be negotiated.
The owner requests that interested parties simply indicate the type of acquisition they seek:
Sale, or Exclusive Licensing
And we may negotiate until reaching a suitable agreement.

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