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Custom Decorated Blind Technology

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This patent involves the wonderful ability to custom decorate plain white interior horizontal (and vertical) blinds with custom images to enhance interior rooms, at a very efficient method and competitive cost. Blinds are custom are ordered and made to fit the windows, but an image is also submitted as part of the ordering process, and that image is digitally printed directly on the the surface of the slats.

This allows for customized interior premium decor rather than simply having to install plain white blinds. The digital prints are applied using outdoor grade UV inks that are warranted to never fade and never chip. They're applied to premium brand blinds (ie: Levelor), and the entire unit is fabricated and decorated in the USA. Our studies have shown that these images invoke a much more appealing view and presence to every room they are installed in. These images warm up and enhance every room they are in.

Any image can be applied to any blind. Blinds can also be swapped out for seasonal decoration themes.

Target markets include: * College dorms and university themes, * Medical offices (doctor/dentist), * Business offices in conference rooms, * Builder and designer showcase homes, * Baby room decoration theme. * Seasonal promotions and images (change blinds between seasons. * Restaurant and hospitality industry decorative themes.

This patent would be extremely valuable to a large and established industry supplier of blinds to the home decoration market. With the use of their network and supply chains, they would be able to offer something that is unique and adds substantial value to their product line.

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