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The geothermal energy generator system (10) is a closed loop, binary cycle power generating plant that utilizes heat from a geothermal heat well to convert a working medium of gas, e.g., CO2, and liquid, e.g., H2O, into steam to produce energy. The geothermal energy generator system (10) includes a medium preparation subsystem (20) that cools recycled working medium to a predetermined temperature. The cooled working medium is selectively fed to a carbonation subsystem (30) permitting the gas to dissolve into the liquid at the predetermined temperature. The carbonated working medium flows through a heat exchange pipe section (39) in the geothermal heat well (40) to produce high pressure steam and gas or hot medium. The hot medium passes through a power generating subsystem (50) containing a primary power generating assembly (60), a secondary power generating assembly (70), and a tertiary power generating assembly (80) arranged in series.

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