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Spherical dome

[Category : - Construction Processes & Equipment]
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The invention is a spherical dome consisting of continuous prismatic members in three layers, an outer layer, a middle layer, and an inner layer. The continuous prismatic members follow great circle arcs. The members of the three layers form a three-way grid, crossing at the vertices of contiguous spherical triangles. Three members, one from each layer, are connected together at each vertex with fasteners, such as bolts, rivets, or welds. The continuous prismatic members of each layer can be spaced as desired to provide structural integrity, economy, and simplicity of construction. A tension ring, when required structurally, is provided at the bottom periphery of the dome to resist the vertical and horizontal forces generated by the supported loads. The combined elements provide a simple and economical spherical dome.

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License to build a single dome - $500.00.
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