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[Category : - Audio - Video]
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The invention relates to a video and audio projection system for a ceiling-mounted home cinema system, which optionally replaces any type of video projector, with the advantage of a 10-channel audio system. In a single ceiling-mounted unit and two peripheral devices, the system simplifies home cinema video and audio projection, which allows the user to install, use and distribute a complicated system of this type and to easily reconfigure same simply by rotating a main unit installed in an electrical box in which a lamp is located. The system comprises a wall switch that allows the lights of the main unit to be controlled without interrupting the operation thereof. The system receives audio and video wirelessly and decodes the audio channels to emit sound effects in different directions, producing 3D surround sound for the listener during the projection of a video.

This is the first video projector in the world to have up to ten channels of audio, the audio is better than cinema and prototypes are also available for demonstration, this solution solves the problem of a complicated system of ten channels (dolby atmos, DTS:X, Auro3D or same principle technologies) including the video projector in a single unit with a wireless sub-woofer, grant patent is available and rights are available to license or sell around the world.

This unit could win the next CES for home audio and video.

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