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[Category : - Audio - Video]
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The invention relates to a ceiling-mounted home cinema and audio system which can replace any 10-channel piece of equipment that emits sounds associated with a video in such a way that the listener feels immersed in 3D sound. The system can be wirelessly connected to any device by means of Bluetooth® and includes a main unit that is mounted on the ceiling of a room and powered by electrical energy supplied through the electrical box of the ceiling light. From this location, the device emits separate sounds in nine directions so as to generate 3D surround sound, as well as transmitting bass sounds wirelessly to two floor speakers. The main unit comprises a removable base that can be levelled in any position and a rotor for pointing same in any direction. The system also comprises two lights provided to supply lighting since the system occupies the place of the ceiling light and these lights can be controlled wirelessly with a switch without cutting off the electrical supply which would impede the operation of the system.

This invention is a true effective emulator to solve a complicated audio system of ten channels which can be related to Dolby Atmos, DTS:X and AURO 3D

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