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Healthy Grilling House Which Drains Fats and Prevents Flare-Ups

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Grilling is a popular method of cooking foods, ranging from being used at a campsite to a restaurant kitchen. Aluminum foil is often used to keep food from overcooking and to prevent it from coming in contact with the grill; however, it does tend to trap any grease or oil from fats contained within the various types of meat. This oil remains with the food after cooking and poses a health risk to anyone who eats the food. Some may choose to poke holes in the foil with a kitchen utensil, but these holes become too large to protect the food and are often placed in the wrong locations to allow for fat drainage. This invention has made a way to ensure that unhealthy fat, oil, and grease can be drained away from foods cooked using aluminum foil.

This clever new invention consists of a housing which completely surrounds food to maintain moisture and prevent burning, in addition to having a perforated base to drain fats and oils. The invention has an accordion style design so that it can be compactly packaged and stored, and it also has reinforced sides for increased stability. Additionally, it is perfect for use anywhere ranging from the campsite to the restaurant kitchen. The use of the Grill Housing provides a simple and effective way to allow for healthier grilled foods.

A foil cooking enclosure for containing foodstuffs while grilling or cooking comprising a hinged access door for loading and unloading the enclosure. The enclosure is constructed using semi-rigid end portions comprising wire frames which are covered with a metallic foil sheet and filled to obtain structural integrity. Said end portions are interconnected by a collapsible pleated sheet for compact packaging and storage. A lower surface of the enclosure comprises a perforated base structure for draining fluid runoff in a manner which inhibits flare ups and return of noxious vapors into the foodstuffs upon contact with a grill flame or a cooking surface. VIDEO DEMONSTRATION AVAILABLE ON WEBSITE

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