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[Category : - Appliances and houseware]
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✓Snug Plug is the LATEST and GREATEST no brainer invention for a very common household problem... Having electric plugs fall out of LOOSE WALL OUTLETS.rnrn✓NO more paying high fees to an electrician.rnrn✓NO more risk of getting shocked replacing outlets.rnrn✓NO more frustration of having your IRON, HAIR DRYER or CELL PHONE charge cord fall out while in use.rnrn✓NOW with Snug Plug, you have an AFFORDABLE and EASY fix to this frustrating problem.rnrnLegal Description: The present invention is generally related to an apparatus for use with an electrical outlet to improve electrical device fit and more particularly related to an apparatus for providing a tighter fit for electrical power blades of the plug portion of an electric powered device within a standard electrical outlet so as to prevent the electrical power blades from slipping out of the electrical outlet during use of the electrical device.

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