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QuadChip - Multiple Chip Bank Card

[Category : - Indentification and payment methods]
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QuadChip is like your regular bank card, but with 4 EMV chips on it (2 chips on each side of the card respectively). Each chip can be programmed for a different account, eg; debit/credit account, paypal account, Bitcoin account etc.

With this card, you will never have to carry around anything for than this 1 card. You will never have to dig through your wallet/handbag, searching for the correct card to make a payment with. And you never have to feel like you are carrying a collection of cards with you.

With the rise of cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin, Ethereum etc, this card will be most useful when it comes to convenient payments. A lot of companies worldwide are beginning to accept Bitcoin as payment (among others), and this new blockchain technology is here to stay. If you enjoy gambling and need to load funds on a card, simply program one of the chips to accept tokens, and have fun gambling.

Quadchip will make it very convenient to pay anywhere, with any form of payment, all in the power of a single card.

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