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Device for fractioning of multicomponent mixtures - a new approach to the rectification process - separation of components in one pass!

We are all used to the fact that the distillation columns are extended upwards, have a complex device, many plates or grids, a high price, and besides, home distillers require continuous cooling with water.

Meanwhile, distillation column can be very small if the mixture vapor flows towards the condensate through the inclined, gradually cooled corrugated pipe, then each cavity on the corrugation becomes a "micro distillation plate" in which thermal and mass exchange takes place between the vapor and liquid phases. The randomly condensed molecules again evaporate from the "micro distillation plate" and are drawn further to the site with a more appropriate condensation temperature. You only need to divide the gradually cooled pipe (by natural or forced way) by valves to drain the condensate of the desired temperature and roll the corrugated pipe into a spiral for compactness.

To test this idea, the author of the invention many times received in a compact apparatus ethyl alcohol 92-94% from 11% raw material during a one-time evaporation. In this case, a piece of pipe with a temperature of 84-80 ° C was increased to 2 meters and isolated to reduce the temperature gradient and, accordingly, the maximum extraction of fusel oils and water. The number of "microplates" in the site was about 480 pieces.

There are no obstacles for scaling the device and applying it to separate oil or oil mixtures (black oil fuel, oily waste etc). To increase the productivity of the device, it is possible to increase the diameter of the corrugated pipe (up to a certain limit), then use a bundle of pipes.

It is especially convenient that adjacent pipeline sections can be combined (by closing the drain valves) to obtain fractions with a wide boiling range.

FIELD: machine engineering.SUBSTANCE: fractionating string is a corrugated pipe rising at an angle to the horizon and which is gradually cooled in natural or forced fashion. The draining devices for condensate, equipped with shut-off valves and thermometers, divide the corrugated pipe into sections, the number of which is not less than the number of required fractions. To increase the reflux ratio, it is permitted to transfer a portion of condensate from the section to one of the lower section for re-distillation. The compactness of the device is achieved by folding the corrugated pipe into a cylindrical or conical spiral.EFFECT: reduced dimensions and material consumption of the device, reduced cost of fractionation of multicomponent mixtures.3 cl, 1 dwg

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