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LED Text Light Fan Scarf

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LED Text Light Fan Scarf is a new patented product, originally designed to appear in every stadium during the coming World Cup 2018, it is an innovative double LED scarf which will certainly revolutionize the way people experience sport meetings, music concerts and other large-scale events. It features special fabric, Italian design and know-how, tested safety and extremely good wearability. Not the same LED scarf you would imagine.

Patent no. 002575183 (Alicante, Europe)
LED Text Light Scarf is a double scarf with LED enlightened characters suitable for football fans, basketball fans, volleyball fans and other sport fans etc. This scarf is powered by two common batteries which may last up to 10 hours (if always on), V1.5 each and no risk of getting shocked.

The suggested key markets include the US, Europe, South America, Asia and Australia. It follows a brief commercial hypothesis:
- No. of football teams in Europe: 232
- No. of football fans who on average go to the stadium: 15,000/per week per team, equal to 3,480,000/per week
- Sales hypothesis 3% for the first 18 months: still relevant numbers
- The World Cup 2018 has to begin with millions of fans and spectators
- Profit per one piece equal to 25% on the sales price

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