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Stack and Connect Pillows

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U.S. Utility Patent App. No. 15/887,997 (not yet published by the USPTO... full specification available at ).

Our innovative Stack and Connect pillow system allows pillows to be connected like building blocks to create custom pillow structures perfect for your space and needs. You can add as many pillows as you like to form pillow structures of almost any shape you wish. Stack and Connect pillows can be connected side-by-side or stacked in both aligned or staggered configurations.

Bring it to market! These structures are perfect for family rooms, toddler play areas, dorm rooms and in-bed pillows. You are limited only by your imagination. With the Stack and Connect system, freestanding pillow structures can be built to the geometry that makes the most sense for your space and needs. Pillows can be separated and reattached to form a new shape as your needs change.

The concept is disclosed in U.S. Utility Patent App. No. 15/887,997, and the entire specification is available at . Several embodiments are disclosed, and the specification is not limited to any specific type of connection element.

Financial information

We are looking for an exclusive licensing fee + small royalty, or alternatively an outright sale of the patent application and trademarks associated with Stack and Connect pillows.

The patent property includes U.S. Utility Patent App. No. 15/887,997.

The trademark property includes the marks:
Stack and Connect
The Imagine it. Build it. Relax! slogan
The sunrise mountain logo

The domain will also be included.

Our preliminary market research and patentability research confirmed our thoughts on the potential of this innovative concept.

The full text of the patent application and more information is available at .

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