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Engine (atmospheric pressure), for renewable energy

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.The "atmospheric pressure" engine for renewable energy. An innovative new device that transforms the unlimited atmospheric energy that is inexhaustible from the enormous energy that carries about 10 tons / m 2.
Through a mechanical mechanism that is converted into environmentally friendly energy.

Where we spent a lots of time developing it to the final form of a device of different sizes to meet all the needs in this vital field of energy. The possibilities of invention have unlimited flexibility for large-scale use in many areas as an electric power and after that i can say that the invention was indeed confirmed under the name of a Temporary patent at the USA Patent Registration Site under No. (62597958).

The method of operation of the device is an innovative new way in a device that takes advantage of the maximum amount of energy (atmospheric pressure) unlimited and working in all directions, by mechanical mechanism to be then doubled, and convert them to energy in an environmentally friendly series.

The new and innovative renewable energy engine features a new, innovative, flexible mechanism that extracts the energy from a natural resource with enormous potential to produce energy to multiply and convert it into electrical energy.

The device works directly anywhere without previous equipment or other infrastructure preparations. It has no high investment cost and does not use uncomplicated techniques in its manufacture. The new innovative technology is used to generate electricity from a natural resource with tremendous potential.

The new technology role of the device and has its idea as an innovative product to the end, as it uses a natural resource strong and stable and inexhaustible and available in all countries of the world as a backer and a basic engine, the technology works directly anywhere without previous equipment or other infrastructure preparations , Which is a completely new technology and idea, far from the permanent energy and the energy of the permanent magnetic field, the technology in an innovative device that does not have a high investment cost because it uses uncomplicated technologies in the manufacture, the technology will be the fastest growing sources of renewable energy generation globally, The most promising economic success and investment strategies for any company engaged in the field of renewable energy, compared to all other sources at present and in the future.

This unique feature will help it spread rapidly in the future, forits enormous and unlimited economic and investment benefits for renewable energy companies. The new device and idea produces energy from a stable renewable energy source that is durable, available and reliable at all times, not subject to weather forecasts such as wind, this technology can spread to any geographical local options worldwide without exception, and we have developed it into the final form as the possibilities of developing the technology for the available in market with unlimited size, to be more valuable and profitable through the potential licensing of potential customers.

It is characterized by its unlimited flexibility to be widely used in many fields as an electric power source. It can then be developed in different sizes, from relatively large machines designed for power generation enterprises for direct public use, or relatively small or micro- Cars and cell phones in many fields.
Where the energy is produced by the new innovative technology, there are no hidden operating expenses throughout the long-term product lifecycle, as a performance-linked device with a natural, stable, stable, stable energy supply, where there is no price volatility, new technology in an innovative device that enhances the portfolio Energy production is allowed to make profit to be the most valuable return on investment for many years.

We appreciate your valuable time, so we look forward to developing relationships with you and building a long-term partnership that will lead to achieving and maximizing economic, material and moral success and controlling long-term market trends. With guarantees to build confidence and prove that the benefit and profit contrary to the conservation system in a better position for future generations is the common goal of us all. Finally, the body embodies the highest human values in energy production while maintaining a clean environment of pollution as collective responsibility

We are looking for a strategic partnership in everything related to the invention of patent registration and licensing and marketing rights.

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