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A multi functional emergency/event/travel group app

[Category : - Travelling articles- Life-saving; Fire-fighting- Navigation and orientation]
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Hey if you're reading this you're probably busy and looking for something cool for your company or organization so I'll keep it short.

I currently have an app that allows users to post geotagged and time restrained pictures and videos when an emergecy happens, or it can be used by individual groups on their specific servers.

The post are searchable by distance and hashtags and I currently have a working version for my self that I have tested on the market to ensure it is functional. The app can be customized to feature any company, church, group or entity with just a few changes and is fully working. All post are user generated which mean that its completely original content happening at that exact moment

It was developed by an International affairs graduate and a current Mircrosoft development intern who wanted to create a way from friends to share real time events, and allows anyone with facebook to login.

Attached are our live test post with restaurants and events which can be be subbed out for water, fire, emergency, insurance agent locations in the event of a natural disaster. Neighbors helping neighbors.

Financial information

I'm willing to sell exact clones outright or offer a smaller upfront fee and a licensing agreement for the right organizations. You have places already equipped for ads within the app and the ability to send push notifications to those using your specific version.

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