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Effective, safe and cheap burn wound management formulation

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Myself Dr. Shankar Gangadhar Lokhande

BAMS doctor

I have a invention, a formulation which is excellent in burn wound management key advantage of my formulation are as follows..

1. It speed up the healing process by improving the blood circulation
2. It reduces the sloughing or oozing from wound in very short time period
3. It reduces the time period of recovery as wound heals very quickly.
4. Reduces the the chances of sepsis through wound
5. Wound heals naturally no scar after wound heals
6. Less chances of post burn contractures or Kelloid
7. It works in superficial and also in deep burn wound too.
8. Hair follicles regrowth again on burned area
9. Sweat glands are active after wound heals.
10. It improves the survival chances of patient ( even in 50 % or above burn victims )

Plz find the attachment ppt file for details ..

I can proof all the claims...

Financial information

It will reduce the treatment cost as recovery is very fast, length of stay is reduced, medicine cost is low.

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