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Sani-Sponge or Jewelry Cleaner Dredge

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The kitchen sponge has the highest levels of bacteria.It has more bacteria than the toilet seat.This is what we wash our dishes,pots, pans,silverware,countertops,appliances,etc.with. There are many ways to clean the sponge,but the proven best way to remove the maximum amount of bacteria is soaking in the correct fluid.The Sani-sponge unit allows you to soak a sponge in the correct fluid and conveniently stores it for everyday use.It is a manual unit with no power usage. The hinged top controls the bottom dredge shelf.When you lift open the top the shelf comes up and out of the fluid.When the lid is closed the bottom shelf drops into the fluid.It has a top shelf that remains in its own level place for the sponge storage and usage.It is also a decorative looking unit that hides the sponge next to your kitchen sink.It can be made of plastic,rubber,stainless steel,enameled steel.ceramic,etc.Also in this patent this unit can dredge jewelry for cleaning.Naturally a different fluid.A screened shelf comes with the unit that can slide in or out with the jewelry on it.It fits perfectly on the bottom shelf for dredging ,and can be removed and placed on the top shelf for drying.The jewelry dredges that are out there are manual and messy.With this unit everything is compact and easy to work with.

Financial information

A partnership,buyout or license would be in consideration.This is an item that could be in almost every kitchen and bathroom.It can be very inexpensive to produce depending on the material used.We have filed this item and have numbers for those with serious intent for making a deal. If a partnership money will go to production and [Use the button below to contact me],Patent file numbers for serious investors.

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