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2 port isolation hvac valve allowing refrigerant leak detection

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The 2 port isolation hvac valve is the only patented valve that allows an air conditioning system to be isolated into segments. The segmented air conditioning system will allow an hvac tech to efficiently locate a refrigerant leak in a timely manner that results in solving the most costly revenue loss of corporations world-wide, the high maintenance cost of an hvac system that has a pro-longed refrigerant leak. In today's world, the majority of all repairs to an air conditioning system is due to refrigerant leakage. The majority of repairs caused by refrigerant leakage is solved momentarily by the hvac tech adding the required amount of refrigerant needed to stabilize the system for proper operation. The second most widely used alternative for refrigerant leakage is for the hvac tech to add a sealant internally to the system, a sealant voids the warranty from the compressor manufacturer. The use of a 2 port isolation valve to segment the closed air conditioning system allows the hvac tech to use nitrogen to pressurize the segmented system to pinpoint the area of leak without using an unapproved sealant internally on an air conditioning system.

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