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Theft deterrence, prevention, and recovery system and method

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A theft deterrence, prevention, and recovery system (Triad system) for use in monitoring a theft status of a vehicle includes a cabin module positioned in the interior cabin of a vehicle, the cabin module having a memory, a processor, and an input device such as a touch screen display. The cabin module may include a camera configured to record video in the cabin vehicle and a cabin microphone configured to record audio in the vehicle cabin. The input device may be activated by a driver to indicate the immediate occurrence of an emergency event such as a carjacking. If the input device is activated, the camera, microphone, and a global position (GPS) device may be activated. Collected data may be transmitted, such as by cellular or electromagnetic infrared signals. A vehicle smoke sensor may also be included. The Triad system is applicable to both new and retro vehicles. All of this from a single touch of your cell phone.

The transmitted data is sent to three local law enforcement agencies with vehicle description data, including vehicle ownership. The transmitted data provides the local law enforcement with immediate vehicle location via global positioning (GPS) enabling apprehension in real-time that ultimately saves the lives of the inadvertent passenger and innocent bystander. In addition, the patented theft prevention system is a friend to law enforcement, such as in during a high-speed chase. The high speed chase is probably the most unique and dangerous job law enforcement can do. Officers make on-the-spot judgments about whether to chase based on their perception of a driver's danger to the public. The Triad system with its unique communication capabilities obviates the chase decision, making it a friend to law enforcement.

The Triad International Application Number is: PCT/US17/16016
R -T Enterprise
James Whiteside

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