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Triversible Athletic Jerseys - Three Jerseys in One Garment

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Having Triversible practice jerseys gives players quick and easy access to a third color in a unified look and allows them to rotate in and out quickly and easily in different ways. No more skins teams or extra jerseys on the sidelines!

These are sold as PRACTICE jerseys - not game jerseys. Although the sewing design would allow for game jerseys to be made and sold, this is not the fashion in which sales are happening for us. The patent would allow for a 3 sided game jersey to be made (ie all three of LeBron James jerseys could be made into one garment for a novelty item), but someone would need to be able to pitch and take time to go through the hoops on that type of item.

I have been manufacturing and selling the Triversible Basketball Practice Jersey version through Gamegear out of Salt Lake City for 3 years now - there is also a market as well for a Lacrosse and Soccer version of the practice jersey design but I have not had the time to commit to those sports version.

I am a full time athletic director and have not been able to fully take on moving this product into an arena where it could be sold through dealers across the country so all of my sales have been through the website we have. Bottom line on this product is that I am having these made to order in the USA (cut/sewn/screened/drop shipped) and that cost is close to double what it would be doing the same thing overseas. I have not jumped into "stock" jerseys although with the soccer version stock jerseys would be very useful (ie only green/yellow/blue versions are made and sold to teams). Most basketball and lacrosse teams want to have their jerseys in their team colors hence the inability to really carry stock items in those versions.

I have done a lot of research on how a plan with overseas manufacturing could work (and I can actually connect you with a company that could do all the overseas manufacturing for you and the margins would be beneficial) but just haven't had the time, or initial investment, to get things rolling in that fashion. Initial investment to make these overseas would be having fabric made and stored in the overseas factory for them to cut/sew and screen as our current business hub takes orders in. The next step would be to get information out to the already existing dealer network across the nation. I think at that point, once dealers can make money on sales, the sales will become self-sustaining. I have plenty of dealers who want to sell for me but when I talk price points with them they lose interest - that problem can be fixed with overseas cut/sew.

"The Triversible practice jersey is a tool that is an indispensable aid to your team practices! Start your practice with players splitting into three colored teams based on where you want them to be throughout the practice. Once you see all the areas that the third color helps with, you will see what this product can do for your team!"

Financial information

I own the Triversible trademark. I also own all the websites associated with the business. The jersey design is patented and its not possible to make the triversible without using our patented sewing pattern.

I am not interested in managing the business in any way - with my full time job as an athletic director I am unable to commit the time needed during the day for this business. I would be interested in an outright sale or licensing options.

I have a manufacturer that cuts, sews and screen prints the jerseys and I have an online store that allows users to design their own jerseys and can take them through checkout. All of these avenues are in place and part of a business sale.

Market potential is really large IF the owner of the business is willing to develop avenues for overseas productions and the Soccer and LaCrosse jersey designs are promoted. The key is to have the jerseys made at a pricepoint that allows for the dealer network across the US to sell the jerseys - using a made in america brand our prices are not able to get into that market now BUT teams are still buying the jerseys at the higher prices we have to sell at. I do have avenues that could make this an easy transition to take on but an initial investment for fabric to be housed overseas would be needed as well as time to connect all the dots and get out and promote the jersey at trade shows.

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