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Garden Valiz. For feeding and protecting trees / bushes

[Category : - Lawn and Garden]
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A device for feeding trees or bushes and protecting them from unfavorable climatic conditions. "Garden Valiz", composters, containers, "vases" for trees and bushes. rnSuch framing of trees and bushes, except for its value for plants, saving time and other costs, also has an aesthetic component and novelty.rnrnContainers form a round, or polygonal shape with a free area in the center, at the location of the tree trunk / trunks, or bush. rnEach container consists of walls along the perimeter and, covering it, with a separate lid. The lid on the perimeter has a rim to collect water and, on the lid there are holes that are placed much as evenly as possible over its entire surface. The number and size of the holes on the lid is several times smaller than at the bottom of the container itself, in the model’s that have a bottom. rnContainers (hereinafter referred to as "Garden Valiz") are decided by the following: rnrnWhen installing a garden Valiz on the surface of the earth around previously planted plants. rnrn1. Filling the containers in the same way as they usually fill out composters, their function is provided "in place". Already in the process of composting (the aerobic composting process prevails, accelerated and without an unpleasant smell), nutrients flow to the roots, bypassing the initial stages of decomposition of organics dangerous for plants and large concentrations of mineral fertilizers. rnrn2. The nitrogen that is contained in peat, vegetable waste of various degrees of decomposition, and certain types of mineral fertilizers is much less "weathered", which cannot be otherwise provided without covering with soil, mulch, film, or other covering materials; rnrn3. Under the "Valiz", microorganisms are well preserved and developed, increasing biomass, because there is no need to break the top layer of the soil, treating the near-trunk zone; rnrn4. The “Valiz" accumulates and retains moisture, which is in the soil and additionally comes from watering and precipitation. At the same time, air exchange and aeration, which are necessary for the soil and for the composting process, is not interrupted; rnrn5. Treatment of weeds is reduced to nil, because sunlight does not penetrate inside. Still, some fruit trees, to improve the quality of their fruit and to preserve moisture, require the infusion of grass in the near-trunk zone. But this requires additional care, and the left grass will compete for nutrients with fruit bushes and trees, especially those that have a superficial root system. With garden Valiz this will not happen; rnrnrn6. Fertilizers in fresh form and in high concentrations can burn the root system of plants. Laying the fertilizer simply on the surface, without applying it to the soil will not give big benefits because of the drying and weathering of the nutrients, or it is in a non-digestible form. And by placing organic and mineral fertilizers in a given amount in the garden Valiz, you can solve this by providing the plants with food for a fairly long time without it drying or weathering; rnrn7. Preparation for winter, using garden Valiz, can be minimized - there is no need to cover the trunks with manure, mulch, grass or sawdust, that reduces the pH. Also, between the tree trunk and the garden Valiz, there remains a small open area, which quickly fills with snow, protecting the plants already at the beginning of the cold. In the spring, this snow melts first, preventing the bark from rotting, which can cause fatalities in young and especially stone fruit trees. rnrnrnWhen installing garden Valiz on the surface of the ground with gaps between sectors and subsequent backfilling with soil. New seedlings of trees and bushes are planted at the top of the garden Valiz, which corresponds to planting "on the hill." rnrnAdditionally you can get the following:rnrn8. In spring, the soil under the "Valiz" is thawing earlier, which increases the vegetative period by 2-4 weeks. This is important for the adaptation of not zoned (not local) plants, and is relevant for southern areas with frequent droughts during summer in the sap flowing and fruit ripening periods. rnrnGarden Valiz are beneficial for all plants, but especially for the following:rnrn1. Plants that require more careful care in nutrition, humidity and support the chemical composition of the soil; rnrn2. Plants requiring protection from colds, increase in vegetation period, measures from drought; rnrn3. Fruit trees that are used in industrial, intensive gardening; rnrnrnUsing garden Valiz can solve several problems, including;rnrn1. To minimize all-the-year-round costs of plant care; rnrnrn2. The ability to grow non-zoned (non-local) plants; rnrnrn3. In private gardening, grow plants previously used only in industrial gardening; rnrnrn4. Easier and more accessible disposal of biological (natural) waste; rnrnrn5. Increasing the aesthetic component, improving and changing the design in the landscape gardening of common areas and in private gardens. rnrnFor business:rnrn1. Simple production; rnrn2. The use of secondary raw materials and waste in the production of various types of plastics; rnrn3. The consumer can buy part of the set (individual segments), and not the whole set, which reduces its costs; rnrn4. Segments of the garden Valiz are folded into each other without forming empty spaces, making the packing of packages compact, which reduces the cost of transportation; rnrn

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