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Clicko-Brick - A bottle reused as a smart building block

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Click-Brick is a plastic container planned for reuse as asmart multi-purpose building block.
'Clicko-Brick' is a green tech startup of a functional and economic solution to the problem of disposable plastic containers. Clicko-Bricks are interlocking, modular plastic containers meant for short-term use for liquids (such as bottled water), and long-term reuse as multi-purpose smart building blocks (for walls, floating fields, home & garden kits and much more).
Clicko-Bricks come in three forms (square; hexagon; triangle) and various sizes. All sizes and forms have built-in capabilities of integrating & interlocking in all directions (top & bottom included) with other units in a single structure.
The Clicko-Brick containers are produced with the common blow-molding technology, so that manufacturers would not face exceptional challenges with production. The containers' connection mechanism may be added along the production line, or, according to a customer's requirements, after they have been used as containers. The mechanism consists of 1 or 2 straps around the bottle providing a simple, inexpensive, mechanism that cannot break apart by accident. The all-sides interlocking mechanism allows for the construction of very large, varied, and flexible structures of Clicko-Bricks, with no additional connecting units. The ability to create complex and infinite structures makes Clicko-Brick an outstanding multi-purpose product. Various Manufacturers (construction, agriculture, floating structures, etc.) can design elements & modules that make use of Clicko-Brick as their basic building block.

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