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Emergency Personal Evacuation Equipment

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Respected Sir,

My name is Vinu Virendrakumar Daniel Inventor of Emergency Personal Evacuation System and son of Ret. Hav. Maj Virendrakumar Daniel Das Y7051530, Form 18 – 9, R20172029915, E-12/898/2017/MUM. I am writing this letter to you with great hope and expectation from your side to encourage me.

Sir as mention I have invented Emergency Personal Evacuation System which has been given to applied for Registration with Intellectual Property India Application No 201721034848 as on dated 02-Oct-2017.

This Emergency Personal Evacuation System is very easy to store, to gear up, to handle, to operate, and strong enough to descend any victim by themselves. By use of this equipment victim can descended from any floor of the building and from any evacuation point like balcony, window etc. Person needs only to gear up with this system by wearing the harness shoulder loop and leg loop with buckling up the centre safety buckle, and then fixing his auto gate carabineer which is appended with extended rope to any strong anchor point or pre installed SS Hanger with SS Bolt, and then the person has to climb down from that evacuation point, by operating the descending braking system which is call Double Stop Descender (DSD) the victim will start to slowly descend, then by re-positioning them self by realising the breaks victim can also overcome the hurdles which they may face during the descending like sharp edges, electrical wires etc, the rope will be uncoil from the Rope Drum covered with backpack which is appended with the harness, when victim will reach the landing zone they have to unbuckle and remove the hand loop and leg loop and should run to safe zone. The Process is in the youtube please click to the link with is appended here Link for your reference.

This is my humble request to you is to please give my encouragement for this Life Saving Invention from your side. It would be my great privilege to show demonstration live at your presence. I would like to invent many more equipments like multiple person evacuation system for family or office, ascending descending system for defence personals and rescue personal. I believe that all this I can do only when I get encouragement from your side.

Thanks with Regards

Vinu Daniel

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