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No-Drip Kids Ice cream cup

[Category : - Food- DESIGN PATENTS- Baby products]
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Designed to help young kids and their parents to keep the environment clean and a safe way for kids to enjoy a variety of ice-creams, lollipops, Popsicles without the fear of dripping them ever again!
A simple design yet very powerful in function can be made from a simple paper cup. The design features a slit at the bottom of a paper cup to hold ice-cream sticks and a perforated slit (in a helix pattern) on the paper cup walls makes it easy to tear by kids as they work on ice-cream!

Financial information

A novel paper cup with design features can be manufactured for a cost in pennies and can be sold in thousands over and over at ice cream vendors. The medium of paper-cup allows it flexible to advertise on the paper cup, advertisements can belong to amusements parks, ice cream brands and cartoon characters to name a few.
Similar products are not available in market, though it caters to a niche market of young kids and their parents - this is one demographic that will not hesitate to buy 20 of these cups for $1-$2 just to keep the house clean and not turn into a mess every time their kids have ice-cream.

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