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An Eco Green PVC sheet used as an alternative for anything that is currently made from Wood or Wood related products, and when used in the wall assembly eliminates ALL HEAT LOSS occurring from "thermal bridging" using standard platform Construction and raises the R-value 118%. In addition is also the next generation of "Acoustic thermal insulation systems for large Aircraft. The material, A rigid polymer porous material sheet is produced by feeding a slurry of polymer mixture comprising ultrafine polyvinylchloride particle, non-phthalate plasticizer, foaming agent and thermal stabilizer, polymer chips, fillers and fire retardant chemicals into a heated mold and pressing the mixture with high applied pressure. The temperature of the mold is below 190° C. to soften the polymer mixture and decompose the foaming agent forming the closed cell polyvinylchloride foam with 10 to 40% density with closed air cells. The thermal resistance of the rigid polymer porous sheet and sound attenuation properties are significantly improved. The rigid polymer porous sheet can be bent at sharp angles without crack formation facilitating its use as wall boards. The sheets produced may be embossed or molded to produce decoration boards, advertising boards, cabinet doors and furniture with decorative features. They can also be used in aeronautical applications as acoustic thermal insulation systems.

Financial information

We are open to discussion for business opportunities.

We are currently in discussions with Berkshire Hathaway regarding this material.

Total applicable Market share for the United States is Approximately 525 Billion annually for applied industries, We have also filed PCT Patent coverage for material, formulation, and application in the European Union, Canada and China.

Industry experts have stated this material is a technical breakthrough and is better opportunity then Kevlar.

Have also patented next generation of framing system for US Housing construction and will replace traditional "platform framing construction currently used as industry standard for US residential construction.

Material has been approved by Boeing for further research and development for next generation of "Thermal insulation sheet system" for Boeing Aviation.

Have trademarked "Eagle America" for building material industry and applied applications.

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