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Article Divider Device - solves common food challenges and more

[Category : - OTHER- Food- HEALTH]
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The Food Cubby solves common eating challenges (among other uses) with one simple and inexpensive tool. It is a curved silicone wall that suctions onto plates and other surfaces to:

- keep running food from spreading (eliminates need for salad bowls when dressing is kept within its walls)
- separates food for picky eaters, including many eaters with special needs (autism, OCD, sensory challenges and more)
- provides portion control by fitting just 1/2 cup of food in its interior, which is the most common portion suggested by Weight Watchers and the ADA
- provides an edge to push food onto utensils, which helps elderly or those with less muscle control, stroke victims, cerebral palsy, MS, or occupational therapy patients that may have use of only one hand/arm.
- gives blind people a sense of where food is on their plates

The Food Cubby plate divider is a simple, silicone tool you can take anywhere you go to eat, and there is nothing on the market like it. With the "green" movement, it could become the new status quo vs. plastic section plates, since it works with plates you already own and cuts down on the production of more plastic dinnerware that quickly deteriorates.

We have also heard of uses outside of eating from customers:

- separating paint of different colors in a tray
- separating and containing small beads for jewelers
- suctioning to the edge of hot tubs to keep drinks from sliding off the edge
- suction to high chair trays so plates aren't used at all
- hotels that want to cut down on people using multiple plates have bought some for people to separate runny syrup from rest of their breakfast foods.

We can also foresee some industrial uses for this very broad patent, which is essentially an elongated suction cup.

ABSTRACT: A divider device and method for placement of the device upon a surface to divide a pair of different articles, the divider device includes an extension beam having proximal and distal ends, also having first and second ends, in addition a flexible flange extending outward from the proximal end omni-directionally about the entire beam first and second ends with the flange terminating in a periphery, further the flange having an elongated concave trough surface opposite the extension beam. Operationally the concave trough surface is pressed into direct contact with the surface, thus nearly flattening the concave shape as against the surface to form a substantially fluid tight removable engagement with the surface thus separating the pair of different articles in relation to the surface and the divider device to help prevent communication as between the pair of different articles on the surface.

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