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SWAN-Universal Side Window Kit for cars, trucks and RV's

[Category : - DESIGN PATENTS]
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The one and only universal Driver/Passenger side spare window kit for cars in existence!
No hassle with sticky tape & flapping plastic bags.
Simple & fast install (1 to 5 minutes/depending on user).
Easy to read instructions!
Keeps weather out.
Universal Fit of any vehicle with a door frame.
Looks like a real window!

Market Fact:
51% of Americans- make less than $30,000 per year!
15% of Americans - do not have auto insurance!
70% of Americans- have liability insurance only!
Many out there cannot afford to replace their car windows and put it off by driving with a trash bag or duct tape. Save up money to install the replacement when the time comes!
Tested at legal speed limits of 75 m.p.h.!
Strong enough to withstand a car wash!

Perfect Business Solutions:
Car Manufacturers: Easy fit next to or on the spare tire.
Used Car / New Car Dealerships: No window on that vehicle at the auction? Save countless money and time by not having to put that sticky mess with the plastic on the car. Save on overhead on cleanup afterwards! Reuse the SWAN again and again for the next car or truck!
Automotive retailers: Perfect access to the 70% of Americans that have liability insurance only!
Window Replacement installers: Dont have that side window in stock? Install within minutes the SWAN and have customer come back when shipment arrives!

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