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Nit Stripping Device and Method

[Category : - HEALTH]
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A nit picking device and method for mechanically stripping nits, eggs, and lice from human hair. The device includes a pair of cooperating tongs each of which is elongated and joined at one end to the juxtaposed end portion of the cooperating tong. The opposite ends of the tong serve to carry an abrasive pad capable of stripping nits from nit laden human hair shafts. As the pads are moved along the length of the hair, the nits are removed from the shafts and in one embodiment captured at least in part in the pads carried by tongs.

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The Nitwick is a patented and trade marked invention designed to replace lice combs for removing nits from the hair following a head lice infestation. The removal of nits is the most important step in preventing reoccurrence. Lice combs are very ineffective and simply don't work. They end up combing over the nits instead of removing them, resulting in an exhausting and time consuming process. Head lice are a world wide epidemic and 80% of schools in the U.S. suffer from at least one outbreak each school year. The Nitwick saves hours of time and effort in the removal process by stripping the nits from the hair rather than combing over them. The nits are then trapped in tiny pockets of the abrasive pads which are also reversible. Once the pads are full they can be sealed in a plastic bag and disposed of in the trash. The nit removal continues quickly and easily with new pads until he hair is nit free. The Nitwick will benefit millions of people and has unlimited market potential.

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