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Traditional cylinder lock with new production technology!

[Category : - Security and alarms]
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Due to continuous technological and the digital system development and events, it is inevitable to change the technology of common rollers.rnrnThis can be a real fear! Security is incomplete!rnrnLink rnrnLink is a new technology and can not be manipulated!rnrnThe currently available solutions are unsafe, production is not environmentally friendly and very energy-intensive. They patched minor changes and recalculated the same idea.rnrnI suggest (and all manufacturers) to stop this old practice. Unfortunately, this method provides 20 years of market presence in these obsolete structures. There is a need for a new technology that can revolutionize the popular mechanical cylinder lock system.rnrnI think we are wos new to finding a way and we offer you a new lock system.Here's an old animation (2004)! This can be much simpler! Link 17 million keys can be produced with other codes!rnrnThis new technology can easily be integrated into the existing cylinder shape. The new system has a special key in the lock, and a sensor that can read the technology embedded in the key. When the key is inserted into a unique identification pattern (algorithm) that is personally identifiable to 17 million people; Each key in the store is different and unique.rnrnTherefore, this system has already provided the key to the cylinder's independence. It is not necessary to produce as many keys. As all users have the same lock. Each key can be usedrnrnThe key may be plastic, as opposed to traditional energy consumers (copper melting etc.) and not environmentally friendly (copper, galvanizing copper, etc.) with cylinder lock and as the new system is popularized in production, the old systems are reduced.rnrnThe new lock can be connected to communication networks such as Wi-Fi, SIM, and the Internet. As can be seen, the RFID and the NFC connection is not necessary for personal identification but can be integrated into both the key and the lock if necessary. Unique key algorithms can be sent to your smartphone, so you can use the lock and check it. In case of attempted burglary or unauthorized access to the lock, the owner or the police may indicate it.rnrnOptions: access control, secure systems, furniture lock system, US lock system.If you decide to be ready for mass production? We can help!rnrnWith this revolutionary technology, keychains will be useless because everyone needs a key!rnrnThis is a new technology! Good business opportunity! I can give you the know-how. And six months later, mass production. If you're interested, find me!

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