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Self-closing resealable can top for beverage industry

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A self-closing resealable can end for a beverage container that opens the top of the beverage container through downward pressure that causes a gate to move downward relative to the top panel. The gate is retained by a resilient member and when the downward pressure ceases, the gate is moved into proximity with the top panel. Pressure from the carbonation presses the gate against a lip and the gate bends to form an enhanced seal. Other variations are disclosed.

These patents' provide the world’s first self-closing, resealable aluminum can top created for the beer and soft drink industry. Setting out to revolutionize the beverage industry much like the original pop-top did almost 40 years ago. Annually, over 600 billion aluminum cans are shipped across the globe, and the industry has been unsuccessful in commercializing an all aluminum beverage can top that is both self-closing and resealable, while remaining compatible with existing manufacturing and recycling methods.

Resealable in the sense one can reseal a plastic beverage bottle and preserve carbonation. Releasable without the use of current can designs that invoke the "tab"...a 12-step stamping process that is energy intensive from a manufacturing standpoint. Further, the "tab" of can makes up between 8-15% of the volume of an entire aluminum can. This technology offers enormous savings in material and manufacturing resources.

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