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System of Transmission of Wireless Energy

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A resonant array for the transmission of multiple frequency wireless energy in multiple configurations at a useful distance for grid-coordinate power and information delivery on small aperture and mobile scales where alternatives such as battery, solar, infrared, microwave, or other power-independent means are inappropriate or inaccessible.

An architecture for powering and exchanging data between diverse mobile robotics platforms by wireless means.

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This patent was drawn up during a period of time when I was researching this topic for my Ph.D. dissertation. I can verify that this method has been tested for operations up to 10 meters distant. It is fairly unique in the literature and was envisioned as a solution to powering swarm robotics systems which are too large to utilize energy harvesting methods. The method described in this patent not only can send power remotely without wires, but can also embed a carrier on the wave to simultaneously transmit information as well. The invention would best serve a robotics company who is interested in expanding their portfolio in manufacture of unique and creative solutions.

A more full description of what an application involving this apparatus appears in my book: Wireless Power by Magnetic Resonance: Theory, application, and control on Amazon.

You can also access the academic paper on the invention by following links from its Wikipedia article:


It is undeniable how there is nothing else quite like it in the literature.

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