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High output low energy LED lamp

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This patent covers LED lamps where the body of the lamp is made of plastic. the patent covers lamps such as MR16,MR11, GU10 etc
A high efficiency light emitting diode adaptable to replace low voltage AC or DC incandescent lamps while retaining the original lamp fitting and power supply. Advantages are a less bulky, lower heat output, lower current alternative light source with extended lifespan. The device includes a body 2 which houses PCB 4 comprising LEDs 10 on the upper surface and rectification and current limiting components 11 on the underside, choice of various connection pin styles 3, 8 and a focussing lens/cover 1. Pins 3/8 are detachable from PCB 4 to enable connection from outside of connection area 6 of main LED body.

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