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M.A.C.K (Massaging kiosks)

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- Having skilled, reliable THERAPEUTIC Massage therapists available, whenever and where ever needed.
- Identifying the source chronic pain
- treating it and uploading it to medical records through the data collected and stored.
- Treatment sessions for 60 minutes to 90 before results, with client/patient returning for multiple visits
-General public unable to afford the rising costs of therapeutic care for general pain relief, and insurance companies not recognizing treatment as justifiable
- Painkiller overdosing
- Rising number of suicides in military and mentally ill due to chronic pain

Invention: M.A.C.K (Massaging Apparatus and Clinical Kiosks) is a massaging kiosk where the patient walks into, uploads chief complaining symptoms and areas and lies on a table. The arms will detect the FIVE components that lead to chronic pain and will treat accordingly. Sessions will last 15 to 30 minutes. Pricing set.

Currently, there is an international inventor that has an apparatus/arm that functions only in one modality and without data uploading.

Other competition, not yet on the market, but is used only for Swedish/relaxation and not for medical use.

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