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Ultralight Wire Shelving and protective covering system

[Category : - OTHER- Appliances and houseware]
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Designed to be used with wire shelving produced by various manufacturers. Patented clips keep shelving cover in place where other forms of covers move and float, no tools necessary to install. Reusable and durable. See design patent US D703983 for a display of the innovative shelving cover design. This system is far superior to what is now on the market. Preformed holes with variances built in as well as grooved sections allow for easy shortening of the cover lengths. Extremely light and requires no skill to install or remove. Inexpensive to produce can be used with new or existing shelving in businesses or the home. This product stays in place where as existing products float and move and can become unstable. This is a great add-on purchase by consumers in large box stores.A protective covering system for wire shelving, designed for ease of attachment to any wire shelving system. The protective covering system comprises a substantially rigid base member which exhibits through areas for attachment of fastening devices between the upper portion of the substantially rigid base and the upper portion of the individual wire shelving member to be engaged. The gripping of the individual wire shelving member on at least each of four areas, in conjunction with the positioning of the upper head portion of the individual fastening members restrains the substantially rigid base member from movement but limiting the three translational displacement components of degree of freedom.

Financial information

I am seeking to license the product with royalties. This has a great market potential because it can be used in new or existing businesses and homes. I envision this product being sold in large box stores next to the wire shelving displays. Inexpensive to produce and adds more to wire shelf covering than current products for the same price.

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