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The SUB® (Sound UTility Block), How's Your Cooking Sound

[Category : - Appliances and houseware- Audio - Video- Cooking]
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The SUB is a kitchen knife block that has been updated to stand proudly amongst todays modern, digital and inter-active appliances.
The SUB features widespread technologies such as Bluetooth an WiFi capabilities, Aux Jack, reflex speakers and a Voice-Command system.

The Sub offers what I refer to as the 3 F's. Form, Function and FUN!
The 7" tablet has inter-net access to offer many types of entertainment and media selections. Perhaps some cooking lessons on line?

This novel unit is sure to be a plus in anyone's kitchen. Whether
you're cooking to the Red Hot Chili Peppers, or sautéing to Sinatra,
make sure the SUB, is part of your recipe!

Financial information

The SUB, is looking for, in this order, a license deal (exclusive or not),
with royalties, and outright sale of patent and registered trademark items, (Logo and Tagline).

The Sub is new on the scene. It has been shown at two shows in working prototype form in 2017. The SUB grabbed the Gold Medal at INPEX 2017 in its category. It has been the talk on many net sites and channels, and has even made the local newspaper in the inventors city.

As a one of a kind item, I don't see any comparable competition.
It is hoped that the SUB will replace the decades old knife blocks in kitchens around the globe.

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