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Intravenous access device

[Category : - HEALTH]
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Intravenous access, to either insert a cannula or to take blood from patients, is the most commonly performed medical procedure worldwide. It is performed millions of times each day within the UK alone, within hospitals, general practice and community clinics.

The procedure can be a difficult one; it requires an average of 2.8 attempts. These inevitably cause pain/bruising/risk of infection for the patient as well as equipment costs and medic time. Often those who are most unwell e.g trauma patients, cancer patients, the elderly and children are the most difficult to access veins in.

This patent covers a simple patch device to aid this process with the use of heat, a vasodilator and anaesthetic. It has been shown in initial trials to reduce time taken as well as number of attempts and discomfort, whilst increasing ease of procedure.
An international PCT application is also pending.

The patent covers a device for application to the skin of a patient to facilitate intravenous access (e.g. via needles, syringes, cannulas or catheters) comprises an upper surface and a lower surface; the lower surface being suitable for contacting the skin of the patient at the location of a vein to be accessed. The device further includes a heat patch, an organic nitrate vasodilator agent of glyceryl trinitrate and an amino based anaesthetic agent which is an amino ester or amino amide. In use the device is activated by the application of pressure to the patch so as to initiate an exothermic chemical reaction (for example by crystallization of a supercooled aqueous salt or sodium acetate solution) in the heat patch which heats the patch to a temperature of from 50 to 55°C for a period of at least one minute.

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