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[Category : - Ski, snowboarding, skating and skate boarding]
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This patent is for a releasable snowboard binding that prevents snow immersion suffocation (SIS). SIS is the leading cause of death in snowboarding next to head injuries. Last year SIS claimed the lives of numerous snowboarders and as backcountry and deep snow snowboarding continues to grow in popularity the death toll also rises. This design helps avoid deaths by releasing the rider if they are trapped upside down in deep snow. The design won 1st place in the Chris Zider Memorial Design Challenge and was selected over 150+ other concepts.

Claim Summary:
A releasable snowboard binding includes a strap release mechanism adapted to be coupled to a binding strap, a spatial orientation detector, and a strap release actuator coupled to the strap release mechanism and configured to actuate the strap release mechanism in response to a spatial orientation detected by the spatial orientation detector. The snowboard binding is coupled between a strap and a binding frame.

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