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Avoid common truck accidents that cost $billions!

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This patented device is the ultimate solution to costly accidents in the truck safety sector. The device alerts the driver to their vehicle's tray or bed incorrectly being in tilt position whilst driving.

There are four current safety mechanisms often used in domestic and mining dump-truck vehicles to assist in preventing raised truck beds meeting with overhead structures, cables, resources, bridges, tunnels, walkways, powerlines, gantries, and other obstructions. These are: audible alarms, gear change lockouts, flashing lights, and the driver. All can be tampered with, overridden by the driver, fail to operate, or in most cases are overlooked or ignored by the driver. They simply don't work. This device is FAIL SAFE!

These common errors continue to occur every week all around the world, costing millions of dollars in damage to asset and infrastructure, vehicles, resources, causing increasing insurance premiums and litigation costs, loss of revenue and, sometimes, death. Major city highways have been shut down for days having a massive impact on the economy and business.

This device can be easily retrofitted to both mining and domestic trucks and there is ongoing Research & Development in play. It is so effective in its ability to prevent extremely costly incidents.

This device is fail safe. If it could even fail, it would fail to safe position. It is not electrical; its clever design has 'muscle memory' and has been extensively market-tested in the mining sector in Australia's extreme northern climate over 8 working years and has proven itself 100% effective in completely removing the chance for these industry accidents.

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