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Automatic Swing Baby Cradle & Stroller 2 in 1 Combination

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An automatic swing cradle with the benefits to use it as a baby stroller and pram, the cradle can be converted into a stroller very easily and looks as perfect stroller and pram and vice versa. The hanging cradle will be a stroller just by rotating the handle up to a final position, at this position the handle will lock itself automatically. While rotating the handle, wheels below the cradle will get down and raise the cradle up to a fixed height and get locked. The cradle hangs on a supporting stand and a permanent magnet installed to the back side of the cradle and another electromagnet installed to the supporting stand to face the permanent magnet in a swing path to have same polarity as that of permanent magnet. The electromagnet is selectively driven when the permanent magnet is just to cross the centre of the electromagnet, switching the magnet sensor which activate the electromagnet through a microcontroller. The electromagnet generates a repulsive force to push the cradle in the moving direction, and the process continues until it switched off manually.

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Patent Done in India, at Kolkata Patent office

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