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Luggage with mechanically integrated trolley

[Category : - Furnitures]
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A luggage unit, a trolley unit having stowed and non-stowed positions, and that, when in the non-stowed position, locks and unlocks such that the trolley unit is free to be raised and lowered when it is unlocked, the trolley unit being fastened to the luggage unit in both the stowed and the non-stowed positions, and including a locking mechanism for locking the trolley unit, an upper trolley body fastened to the luggage unit, a scissor lift mechanism fastened to the upper trolley body, that raises and lowers, a lower trolley body fastened to the lift mechanism, and guided rollers within the upper trolley body and within the lower trolley body, for raising and lowering the lift mechanism when the trolley unit is unlocked, and a release mechanism extending from the luggage unit to the trolley unit through a slit in the luggage unit, for unlocking the trolley unit.

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