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Wearable Cellphone Negative Publicity-Bad PR-Advertising-Radiation

[Category : - Advertising methods- Telecommunications]
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The Buyer of this patent portfolio will be able to control/eliminate/reduce bad PR, negative publicity, and malicious advertising regarding cell-phones and adverse radiation exposure health effects caused by cell phones, wi-fi, wearable technology, and other electronics and electrical devices and telecommunications equipment.

This patented wearable device and method reduces maternal and fetal exposure to cell-phone, telecom, electronic, wearable technology, and other potentially hazardous radiation during pregnancy:


New wearable cell-phone/telecom radiation-reducing technology is now increasingly being advertised prolifically all over the internet, with negative-PR advertising that emphasizes the adverse health effects and health hazards of cell-phone/telecom/wearable radiation environmental exposure, and technologies related to such exposure. Examples are shown here (Google Search: “cell phone radiation maternity top”):


The Buyer of the patent portfolio can therefore enforce the patents against any or all of the negative-publicity cell phone/telecom/wearable radiation health hazard advertisers/companies who advertise such cell-phone/telecom/wearable radiation exposure mitigating technologies, along with the bad PR/publicity, in order to eliminate/control all such technologies from within this relatively new, but RAPIDLY GROWING, market segment.

The present patent owners are willing to sell to a corporate subsidiary, affiliate, shell company, or holding company, in order to protect the identity of the Buyer.

The present patent owners are also willing to sign Confidentiality Agreements, before (and as a condition of) sale, in order to protect the identity of the Buyer before, during, and after acquisition of the patent portfolio.

Patents - USA Issued, Canada Issued, Germany Application Pending, Brazil Application Pending. Patent Numbers:

CA2749327C, DE112010003319T5, US8434169, WO2010088005A1

Confidential documents are available:

• Market Analysis
• Claim Charts
• Inventor Definitions
• Power-Point Presentation Regarding Infringers/Infringement

Note: This posting is being made by an independent Agent, not by the actual Owner of the patent portfolio. If you would like to discuss the purchase of this patent portfolio, please contact the Agent initially through the portal, or alternatively at the following email address:

bomaner [at] hotmail [dot] com

A Non-Disclosure Agreement will be put in place prior to any discussions and exchange of data, for the protection of both parties.

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Sale of the Patent Portfolio (4 patents and applications) is being sought.

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