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Air hockey table

[Category : - DESIGN PATENTS]
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Very Unique High Powered Air Hockey Table, has 3 pockets on each end of table, 1 center pocket and 1 pocket on each sides of the center pocket with 2 pocket slot blockers. When all pockets are open this allows 2 opponents to play on each end of the table. { one plays for defense and the other plays for offense ] This consist of a great deal of speed and team work from both opponents. When the pocket slot blockers are put into place on both side pockets of the center pocket, this allows 1 opponent on each end to play but its just as much fun and more competitive if all pockets were open just for 1 opponent to compete on each end of the table.

This Air Hockey Table breaks the traditional play of 2 players by taking it to another level of playing with 2 players on each end of the table, making it more competitive , fun and enjoyable by thinking out of the box from usual designs and play and bringing it to a whole new level of playing. This is a very unique high powered air hockey table which depends on one's speed, both in flexibility and endurance as a player in team work in offence and defense. As it goes to show, this is no ordinarily air hockey table.

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