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A great new method for tiling walls

[Category : - Construction Processes & Equipment- Tools]
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A highly innovative but simple method to help both professional and DIY folks to tile bathrooms safely and quickly. Very inexpensive to manufacture (around $2.00 sell for around $20)
All the hard work is done.
A huge amount t of interest generated internationally from Australia to the US UK and the EU. featured on international TV.
An alignment device which comprises an alignment member, and a measuring mechanism for measuring the orientation of the alignment member. The measuring mechanism is retained by the alignment member.
see: Link

Financial information

I am open to negotiation on this, from a licence to a reputable and honest player in the field with experience and the right background to outright sale. I can help with the final product design and manufacturing. Possibly the injection moulds. All the hard work has been done this is a turnkey solution that is ready to be brought to market.
An EU trademark is also available for this under the TileGO. All design and manufacturing details have been worked out down to the final full working prototype.
see Link

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