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PERAM Smart Tubes for Bikes and E-Bikes - Flat prevention

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Crossover motorcycles in new multi-billion dollar market.
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Global electric bike market value worth $24.3 Billion by 2025, says report.
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Why electric motorcycles are primed for the spotlight?
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The biggest problem with bike, E-bike, crossover motorcycle, motorized bike in South East Asia and more...industry is FLAT tire.

It was our goal to offer a solution to riders everywhere flat tires! And, weve done that. We have eliminated the need to constantly replacing inner tube and tires, due to small nail, screw, glass puncturing the tube.

We have created a unique rubber composition that performs far beyond expectations.

Each of our Peram Smart Tubes is engineered to fit most E-bike and bicycle. The result is superior control and handling.

The Peram Smart Tube is not made of urethane or heavy reclaimed rubber. Rather, the Peram Smart Tube is a patent pending composition of sophisticated rubber chemistry.

- Proprietary compound results in a bounciness to rival traditional tubes.
- Special rubber properties which resist heat generated at high speed
- Gaining Ultimate protection for inner tubes
- Retains a bounce throughout your ride.
- Better handling performance due to pressure adjustable to your desire
- Super durable
- Riders can afford softer PSI in the air tube and still get a hard PSI tire surface. The softer the air tube, the more effective against pinch flat.
- Riders can avoid most of the flats from punctures since most of debris are not long enough to penetrate thru the thickness of the Smart Tube.
- Riders combine the ride of pneumatic with the flat resistance solid Smart Tube to reduce broken spokes when compared to solid tube or hard air tube and also be able to adjust PSI for all terrains.

- Riders(E-bikes) can have longer battery life by having harder tire surface from solid Smart Tube and better comfort by having softer inner air tubes which absorb all shock waves from rough roads.

And Many more benefits from PERAM Smart Tubes..

You can get a set of PERAM Smart Tubes for your test at: Link

Please see demo video at:


We shall exhibit our new innovation - SMART WHEEL for E-Bikes and Bikes - at the 2017 Taichung International Bike Show. We will introduce to the OEMs and Manufacturers the combo of Rim, Tire and PERAM Smart Tube together as a Smart Wheel for Bikes, E-Bikes and more....

Please stop by my booth number L4 in the Laurel Ballroom on B2 floor of the Evergreen Hotel to check out my Smart Wheel and meet my team.

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