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Easy-air-Negative ion Generator

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Innovative technology named Easy-Air that cleans air using patent-pending filtering process leveraging plates which create a 100% dirt-disintegrating force field between a positive and negative current. The filter is manufactured with a low-cost process and has a 3-year longevity. Existing technologies only remove 80% and have high cost structures
making them less affordable.

The equity secured for Easy-Air will support the next phase of research and development to confirm the 100% disintegration of dirt particles between the plates and the disbursement of negative ions. Owner plans going forward include intent to license and maintain 70% company equity.

The product will be ideal for entry into the residential market for in-home use. The force field is large enough with 9 (positive and negative) plates to filter the air in a way that creates an environment that does not contain typical pollutants such as smoke, smog, dust, and contaminants and take the c from co2 so only o2 getting out of my machine. This filter will create superior air quality that leads to 100% purification.

The secondary function to the filter is the wires running across the filters with high DC voltage (one side positive, other side negative) which create negative ions that function like a magnet, attach to any smog, smoke, dust, and other pollutant particles which then attract back to the Easy-Air unit for further cleaning. Once the negative ions are dispelled, an appealing scent is omitted similar to the air near a waterfall, bringing a
clean scent throughout the home as air is purified. A single unit will purify a 10 x 10 room efficiently. For cleaning 3 rooms, 3 units will be required for purchase.

The market size for the Air Purification Equipment Manufacturing industry is $3.2billion according to a 2016 IbizWorld Report (OD4509).

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