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Soundproof curtains

[Category : - HEALTH]
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The soundproof curtain comes in multiple colors and it can give a hospital room a new look. My mother was in the hospital and while there she had a roommate that was sick with cancer and was having a hard time coming up with the money. This person was also in tears, because she was having a hard time getting her Dr. to agree to do the surgery she needed. She was pleading with the Dr. to reconsider, because she really needed the surgery. The Dr. told her he would refer her to another Dr. that could possibly help her.
I am saying this to say that, my family did not know this lady, but we were able to hear her medical issues. I felt this was unfair to her and her family. My concerns was where was her entitled privacy, because at that moment, she did not have any.
All medical facilities need to show the respect for every patient that enters. My mom signed a HIPPA agreement, but obviously it does not matter, because there is no privacy in the hospital or nursing homes.
The soundproof curtains will not only enhance the rooms, but it will give patients the privacy they deserve.

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